TBC Asia 2016

If we were a tv show, you’d be the stars…

But we’re way better than tv, and you’re still the stars — you will be, at the TBC asia 2016.

The first instalment of TBC Asia was about exploring the ideas and techniques that have made the travel industry such a large playing field for innovative channels of communication — how they are used and consumed in the context of NOW.

Next we turn our attention to the brains, the personalities, the ideators, the creators and the executors of all travel related blogs and media. The people who’ve inspired a thousand journeys; the stories that have paved the way to countless destinations; the tips and bits that have mapped new paths of exploration.

Next we turn our attention to you.

Watch this website for information on how 60 bloggers will receive an opportunity to link up with some of the most creative and sought after minds in the industry, and be part of an event that will shape the future of travel. All of this will culminate in Asia’s first ever Travel Blogger Awards — recognizing the efforts you make to encourage a world of travelers to keep doing what they do best, by doing what you do best.

If you are a Blogger, apply now for the first ever Cinnamon Travel Blogger Awards!


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