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Travel Bloggers Conference & Awards

June 2 - 7, 2016 - Sri Lanka

First Ever Cinnamon Travel Blogger Awards

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About TBCasia

DIGITAL PASSPORTS will probably be the next big innovation to hit the travel industry, but until then it’s the TBC Asia.

ASIA’S FIRST EVER travel bloggers conference saw bloggers from all over the world assemble in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, during the 14th – 18th November, 2014. Wordsmiths, Experiential Marketers, Backpacking Techies, Global Trend Observers, Geographical Experts, Leisurists, Pleasurists, Social Media Gurus and other important people banded together to discuss how to make the world a more accessible place for today’s traveler.

The quality of conversation and the exchange of ideas have already contributed to an astounding change of perspective amongst this progressive category of individuals. Their feedback allows us the measure of great success and we plan on using it to make the next of its kind bigger and bloggier.

Use this website to catch up on everything you missed in 2014, everything you can be part of in 2015, and TBC Asia in 2016.

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